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Cosmic Home & Pet are wonderful! Brea takes fabulous care of my 2 Great Danes as well as my 2 cats! She provides daily walks for the pups, and playtime, cuddles and grooming to the kitties when I am traveling. She has stayed at my home on numerous occasions and has taken wonderful care of my home and my fur family. I can’t say enough great things about her, and she is definitely at the top of my VERY short list of people I would trust to care for my dogs. Highly, highly recommend Comic Home & Pet!
Heidemarie P.

Brea has been helping train our new rescue pup Ollie for the last couple of months. My partner and I were feeling pretty overwhelmed with this being our first dog. Brea has been such a help! Training a dog is not easy. She knows her stuff and is a wealth of information. We appreciate not only all the different training techniques we’re learning from Brea but her emotional support as well during challenging moments. We also appreciate that we can text her with questions and the videos she sends us (or has us film on our phones) of her training our pup so we can reference them between sessions. So glad we found her!

Carrie S.

Cosmic Home & Pet have been walking my dog Bailey for a nine years.  Bailey is a rescue, generally nervous with new people and reactive on a leash.  Regular walks with Jaime have had a noticeable positive impact–not just for the exercise but helping Bailey learn to stay focused and ignore the other dogs around the neighborhood.  Bailey greets them at the door with wriggles of enthusiasm.  I get a text report after every walk and sometimes an adorable photo to brighten my day. Brea also cares for Bailey when I’m out of town and have come to the rescue when I get stuck at work late or head out of town.  I trust Cosmic Home & Pet completely and recommend them without reservation.

Jamie L.

We have been clients of Cosmic Home & Pet since 2012. Almost 12 years now! We have used all of Brea’s services — including dog training, pack walks, and cat-sitting. Her expertise with our high-energy, reactivity prone Aussie has saved our sanity and shaped him into such a rad dog. Her calm demeanor and training experience has been indispensable especially when our dog hit adolescence and WOW was he a handful.

Her initial training package got us started strong and the “walk-and-train” packages have helped us tackle the specific challenges we face on walks in our own neighborhood. We live in Madrona, which is a neighborhood full of many dogs and distractions (rabbits and squirrels) that are super challenging for a high drive young pup to learn solid leash skills around. Most online training programs and books about dog training focus on suburban environments. They are too general and rely on dealing with reactivity with the use of backyards or outdoor spaces free of triggers. This is just not helpful to our yard-less, urban situation. It’s been pivotal to have a local, experienced trainer like Brea come to our home and walk with us in our own neighborhood to help us tackle the specific situations we encounter.

Our dog now goes on pack walks 2x a week with Brea. She picks him up at our home in Madrona. He greets her by having a minor meltdown of joy– his joy-meltdowns are more contained now and include manners thanks to Brea. He now has doggie friends he loves and the pack walks give him structured social time and added confidence.

Brea has also been a reliable and trustworthy cat sitter for us since 2012. She babied our elderly cat and gave her all her medications when we were away. When Maddie passed away in 2017, Brea sent me sweet photos of her that were saved on her phone from the time she had spent with Maddie over the years. I was so touched by those photos. We always know that our two current kitties are in safe hands whenever we are away. Our timid cat allows Brea to pet her and interact with her, which really says a lot.

It’s a privilege to be one of Cosmic Home & Pet’s clients– especially for this long. It’s such a relief to trust someone this much with your precious pets. We can’t thank Brea enough for all she has done for us over the years. Many of her clients are long-term like we are and it’s obvious to us why this is. We also love that Cosmic Home & Pet is a woman-owned and operated small business in Seattle that we can support. We emphatically recommend all of Brea’s services.

Brooke H.

Brea walked and trained our dog Poppy.  I want to say this early so if you are just glancing at reviews, I give Cosmic Home & Pet my complete recommendation, Brea and the team are amazing. Our dog is a Bernese Mountain dog and our main concern is she was biting a little too much while teething and pulling on the leash while walking.  There were significant improvements all the time. We also used her for some training days too, and having her spend some extra time with Poppy made a big difference, I would highly recommend using her for dog training as well.  Poppy absolutely loved her, and actually still recognizes her voice on the Instagram videos!  Brea was great about being flexible with our schedules and took great care of Poppy.  Again, I would highly, highly recommend using her for your pet.
Will G.

We have been using Cosmic since our dog was 2 months old which was 7  years ago. They are by far the best and we’ve used a few of their services – walking, boarding and training. Our dog is better behaved and well taken care of in their hands. While we love our friends and neighbors, we prefer to board our dog with Cosmic. We also LOVE the group walks our fur baby goes on. She gets her exercise and makes so many pup friends!! How do I know? I check in on Cosmic’s Instagram, which they update all the time :). Thank you guys for being the best!!

Amber S.

Tried this business on a close friend’s recommendation, and I’m happy to say the service is just phenomenal. I’m a super neurotic cat lady and I hate leaving my kitties when I go out of town, but Brea’s team has taken AMAZING care of my two cats the last two times I’ve been out of town. This includes daily feedings (which I sometimes adjusted on-the-fly — my Cosmic sitter Kelly was immediately responsive to emails I sent while out of town) and lots of play and cuddle time. My sitter also provided me with daily phone pics of my cats (again… neurotic cat lady) which were really appreciated!
Upon signing up with the service, you’re asked to fill out a bunch of forms — vet’s name and info, medication info, location of thermostat(s), extra information about your home, emergency contacts — which for some reason was super reassuring. I’ve been through lots of sitters and Cosmic is by and large the most thorough I’ve ever seen.
Given the extremely reasonable price and level of quality care, I don’t think I’ll ever use a sitting service other than Cosmic again in Seattle, honestly.
Katie G.

Cosmic Home & Pet is incredible! Brea has extensive knowledge of dog behavior, and a gift for understanding your dog. Our puppy was very excitable, and throughout our training Brea was so patient and gentle with her. How she calmly worked through sessions of our pup maniacally/excitedly barking for attention still amazes me. She taught us how to communicate effectively with our dog, how to train positively and responsibly, and really connect with our furry family member.

We are first-time dog owners, and definitely hit the “oh my gosh, what have we done?” wall with our puppy a few weeks after she came home. Brea was so kind and non-judgmental when we expressed regret and were unsure about how to move forward. She made space for our emotions, reassured us that our feelings were very common and normal, and helped us work through that challenging phase.

Brea has not only helped us with training, but also takes our dog on group walks, and house/pet sits our dog (and cat) when we are away. She goes above and beyond, and we feel so confident leaving our home and pets in her care. Her partnership with us is invaluable, and we highly recommend her to anyone!

Holly H.W.

My corgi, Sammy, was a regular in Brea’s group dog walks for the past two years and LOVED it. She was always eager to go and always came back tired but in excellent spirits! Brea was communicative, flexible, and professional. If we hadn’t moved away from Seattle, we would’ve continued with the pack walks indefinitely, as they were such a good source of socialization and exercise. I highly recommend you use Cosmic for your dog walking needs!

Jesse M.

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