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7 Reasons Your Seattle Cat Needs a Pet Sitter!

Cats recently edged out Seattle’s dog population by 17%! (In case you missed our post, click here!) But, just like dogs, Seattle’s cats also need daily visits ensuring their physical well-being and overall happiness.  7 Reasons Your Cat Needs a SitterYes,...

Your Guide to Dog-Friendly Places in Seattle

It’s been a tough winter in Seattle, but thankfully spring has arrived! Time to conquer cabin fever and enjoy the great outdoors with these animal-friendly places! Since 1981, Seattle has typically received an average of 5.9 inches of snow during the winter. Well,...

Senior Dog Care

P.S. We LOVE Senior Pups!   Seniors Need Love and Care too!   Watching someone we love getting older is never easy, whether it’s our family, friends or our beloved pets. But the aging process does not have to mean a less-than-ideal quality of life riddled...

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