Seattle Pet Parents’ Go-To Holiday Guide For 2023

The holiday season has snuck up on us again. If you want to face the season feeling prepared, we have your back. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you plan pet friendly holiday fun. Plus you can find gifts for the fur kids while supporting local businesses. We’ve even included some tips for keeping your celebrations pet-safe. Grab a hot beverage (and a pup cup) and let’s get planning!


2023 Pet Friendly Seattle Area Holiday Events

Coffee 5k Benefitting Old Dog Haven, November 19, 10 am

If you’re looking for a way to stay active when the temperatures turn chilly, this is for you. Nothing is as motivating as dogs and coffee, and this 5k has both. Run or walk to help support Old Dog Haven, a rescue that helps elderly dogs find a loving home. This is a great chance to bond with your dog, stretch your legs, and help support old dogs who deserve a loving home. 

dog 5k walk in seattle

The Village Market Pet Pop-Up At Issaquah Highlands, December 3, 1 pm- 4 pm

Mark your calendar and make plans to take your pet to the Issaquah Highlands Village Market on December 3rd. This is no ordinary market… this one is just for pets! Take your pet with you to enjoy the various vendors with their holiday gifts and treats that are perfect for the pets on your list.

Green Lake Pathway Of Lights, December 9, 4:30 pm – 7 pm  

This is an annual Seattle event that you’ll want to incorporate into your holiday traditions. Get there early to enjoy the sounds of live music and the sight of glowing hot air balloons. Then take your dog and ramble along the paths lit by softly glowing luminaries. Complimentary refreshments will be available. 

Glorious Lights Of West Seattle (GLOWS) Festival, December 9, 4 pm – 8 pm

Don’t just wear your holiday best for this festival. Make sure you light it up. Visit The Junction to see the brightly lit creations of others, or make plans for you and your pet to dazzle if you are selected to compete in the costume contest. In addition to wearable art, you can enjoy live music and a beer garden. 



Seattle Pet Parents’ Local Gift Guide

The Seattle Barkery

Whether you’re hosting a swank holiday party for dogs, or just looking for a gift your pup will love, you can’t beat a freshly baked treat. Visit The Seattle Barkery for savory dog treats like bacon cupcakes. They have 4 locations including a treat truck! The South Lake Union location also has treats for cats, so you can make a one-stop shop for your fur kids. 

Mud Bay 

If you haven’t seen a Mud Bay around, let us introduce you to this local gem! This Olympia-based pet supply store started as a small farm shop and has grown to have 65 locations in the Pacific Northwest. You can shop online or in one of their stores to find treats and interactive toys for your dog or cat. This is the perfect place to shop for a few stocking stuffers!

Greenbelts dog and cat collars in Seattle, WA

Greenbelts Dog Collar


If you’re looking for a truly unique collar for your dog or cat, check out Greenbelts. These collars aren’t just cool to look at, they’re also sustainable. Shop owner Shannon makes all the items from recycled leather sourced from discarded belts and other items. We love that shopping in this Etsy store supports a small local business with sustainable practices! 


If you are a small dog parent, you’ll love DogBaby. The items in this Seattle-based shop are made with small dogs in mind. If your dog gets chilly as temperatures drop, you can find a variety of jackets and vests to help keep them warm. The shop also offers small dog collars and harnesses. To top it all off, there is a selection of small dog “caves” that would also work well for small to medium-sized cats.



Holiday Safety Tips

The holidays are stressful for us. So imagine how they can be for our pets who aren’t sure why there are strange people over, or why we keep going out, or why they aren’t allowed to eat those really cool plants. To keep them safe this time of year, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Monitor Pets for Anxiety

Our animals do their best to communicate with us using the tools they have. If you notice your pet suddenly has no appetite, has started engaging in destructive behaviors, is suddenly clingy, or just doesn’t seem right, they may be suffering from anxiety. 

A change in our pets’ routine can have a massive effect on their mental health. Try to keep a routine. If you know you’ll be out frequently, consider a pet sitter to make sure your pet is still getting attention and exercise. If you will be having people over, make sure your pet has a safe place they can go if they’re feeling overwhelmed. You may have holiday obligations, but your first obligation is to your pet. 

Beware of Holiday Treats

In the vet clinic, there is an increase in pancreatitis diagnoses around the holidays. This is due to pets getting in the trash… and pets who are being fed under the table by well-meaning but boundary-crossing family and friends. 

To make sure your pet’s digestive tract stays healthy this year, start by keeping any tempting trash out of reach. It may mean you’re forced to take the trash out more, but it beats cleaning up diarrhea. If you’re serving food buffet style, keep your pet in another room. Give them a quiet place, and a puzzle or interactive toy to keep them busy, and keep them away from the food until everything is put away. 

Keep some special pet-safe treats on hand. This way your pet can still be included, but you won’t be risking their health. Let your guests know which treats your pet can have, and only leave out a small amount to prevent overfeeding. 

Beware of Holiday Botanicals

Some pets see a plant and stay away. Others see it and want a salad. Unfortunately, many popular holiday plants are incredibly toxic to pets… yew, holly, and lilies being the worst offenders. Either keep these plants outside or in an area you know with certainty your pet can’t get to. If your pet can’t be trusted, it may be best to keep these plants out of your home entirely.

cat with poinsettia

We hope this go-to guide gives you some fun inspiration for the holiday season. Plus, we know that taking just a few safety precautions will help keep your pet nice and safe too!


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