All About Cosmic Home & Pet’s Real Life Training Service

It’s so disappointing when you take your dog out in public and all their training goes out the window. You know you’ve worked hard with your dog, and you maybe even spent money on private training or training classes, but for some reason, outside the house, the training just doesn’t stick. It’s okay! It’s not because you didn’t work hard enough or because your dog is trying to be difficult. It’s because your dog doesn’t quite know how to act in real-life situations. That’s why with Cosmic Home & Pets, I offer Real Life Training as a service! Through Real Life Training, your dog will learn to respond to commands in any situation. 

What Is Real Life Training?

When your dog is just starting out training, you’re usually working in your home or a controlled environment. Your dog is used to the smells and sounds at home, so when you take them out with you, everything is new and exciting. Your dog is getting bombarded with new things, and all of these distractions make it hard for them to focus.  When I work with your dog in Real Life Training, I get them out of their comfort zone. To build up experience and practice in real settings, I take them to different places to work with them. This helps your dog get used to new environments and the distractions that come along with being someplace new.  But this doesn’t mean I take them to Home Depot, and they’re all cured! Real Life Training can take some time. Just getting out into the parking lot can drive some dogs wild. With some dogs, I have to spend time just getting them used to listening when getting in and out of the car. Other dogs have more trouble going into places that other pets frequent… like the groomer’s. dog in store real life training with cosmic home & pet seattle dog trainer I work with your dog so they are prepared to listen and focus on you in any setting. You’ll be part of the training too. I take your dog out for 3 sessions a week. For 2 of those sessions, I will be working one-on-one with your dog. Then, you’ll join in on one session a week, and I can show you what your dog has been working on and explain what you need to do to help keep them on track.

What Are The Benefits Of Real Life Training?

Real Life Training helps take the anxiety out of new situations. Over time, your dog will become acclimated to ignoring the distractions that come with being in a new environment. Training helps them understand boundaries and keeps them from becoming overwhelmed. Dogs function better when they understand the rules and know what you want them to do. dog at park real life training with cosmic home & pet seattle dog trainer Real Life Training benefits you as well. If you know you can trust your dog to follow commands and listen no matter where you go, it makes them easier to travel with. Real Life Training is also designed to help you understand why your dog responds in certain ways so you can redirect less desirable behaviors into the ones you want to see. Best of all, by setting your expectations for your dog, and learning why your dog acts the way they do, you are strengthening your bond. 

Who Is Real Life Training For?

Real Life Training is perfect for every dog… once they’ve had all their vaccines. It’s especially great for dogs who are prone to anxiety or who may be reactive outside your home. Real Life Training builds your dog’s confidence, and a confident dog is a less anxious dog.  Puppies (vaccinated) do great with Real Life Training since it acts as a socialization tool. In the real world, you will run into other dogs and people. A puppy that is properly socialized will adapt to this more quickly than a dog who never gets outside their own backyard.  You can teach an old dog new tricks, and Real Life Training even has benefits for adult and senior dogs. If you’ve recently adopted a dog with an unknown history, Real Life Training will give you an idea of how well-socialized they are and help you start building their confidence now that they’re with you in their forever home. Even if your dog is generally well-behaved in public, Real Life Training will help reinforce those positive behaviors. 

Hire A Professional Dog Trainer

Hi, I’m Brea! I’m the professional, certified dog trainer at Cosmic Home & Pets. When you sign up for dog training with us, you’ll be working with me! Brea Cosmic Home & Pet's Seattle Dog Trainer You could say I have pretty extensive experience! I’ve been working with animals for the past 18 years… in both a professional and volunteer capacity.  I got my certification in 2009 from The Northwest School of Canine Studies (the only state-certified school on the West Coast), and I studied under expert dog trainer Julie Forbes. I’m always working on expanding my knowledge through classes and seminars, and I stay up to date on the newest research. This is important to me because I consider myself a science-based trainer, and my training methods are rooted in animal behavior and learning theory.  In my experience, training the human is as important as training the dog. I find it the most successful when I lay the groundwork with the dog, then observe you so I can make suggestions to make training more effective. Building the relationship between you and your dog is an important part of guaranteeing success in training.  Dogs are as varied in temperament as people. In my opinion, it is very important to take your dog’s breed, energy level, and personality into account so I can use the training methods that will be the most effective. No two training programs will be exactly alike…  because no two dogs respond in the same way. 

Ready For Real Life Training?

My dog training services (including Real Life Training) are available in the Greater Seattle Area. If you aren’t certain your area is included, send an inquiry, and I’ll gladly get back to you.



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