What to Do with Your Dog on Rainy Days in Seattle

It’s another gray Seattle day, and you and your dog are starting to get a little antsy. You could both use some activity, but you don’t feel like a walk in the rain. So what can you do? There are plenty of fun indoor activities you can try… you just need a little imagination. 

What if you want to get out of the house? That’s one of the great things about living in Seattle… it’s one of the most dog friendly cities in the country. So, fortunately, there are plenty of activities you can do with your dog to get rid of some of that energy. 

We’ve put together some of our favorite rainy day activities to inspire you. Some of these you can do from the comfort of your home, but if you’re feeling adventurous, we have ideas for that too. You can add to these and tweak them as inspiration hits and find more ways to make rainy days dog days that you actually look forward to! 


Dog Enrichment Games for Rainy Days in Seattle

A rainy day is the perfect time for enrichment activities. Enrichment is all the rage… and for good reason! So what is enrichment?

Enrichment is when you engage your dog in mentally and physically stimulating activities.

A really common example? A Kong stuffed with peanut butter. But there are so many other ways to get your dog’s brain and body moving.

Here are just some of our favorites for a rainy day in Seattle. The best part? these activities are great whether you live in a studio apartment or a large house. 

  • Scavenger Hunt– This game will work your dog’s brain and nose. Hide some treats around the house and let your dog sniff around to find them. Start by keeping a treat in your hand and letting your dog sniff it so they know what they’re looking for. If your dog has never played this game, hide the treats in easy places and guide them until they get the hang of it. As they start to improve, you can hide treats in more difficult places. 


  • Doggie Parkour- The newest trend in dog athletics is Dog Parkour, also known as Urban Agility. Your dog doesn’t have to be an athlete for you to try this trend at home on a rainy day. Set up a course of chairs, laundry baskets, and other things you can have your dog crawl under or jump over. Your dog will burn off tons of energy through this mental and physical challenge. Plus, this activity can really help boost your dog’s confidence as they successfully navigate their little obstacle course!

  • Buried Treasure- For this, you’ll need some plastic balls (think a children’s ball pit) and a box or kiddie pool. Pour in the balls then hide some treats and let your dog dig for them. If your dog is a digger, then this will get out some of that digging urge without making too much of a mess. You can also do this with just cardboard boxes and paper that you may have lying around already! Feel free to get creative with this one. You may find items around your house that you can use as well! 


  • Flirt Pole- Use a flirt pole! This is such a fun, interactive game you can play with your pup that really gets them using their hunting instinct. You can order these online, pick one up at your local pet store, or even put one together using items around your home.


You don’t need to get too complex with indoor activities. Basic play is fine too. Games like tug of war, bubble chasing, and indoor catch will always be fun and engaging. 


Indoor Obedience Training with Your Dog

Might as well get it done while the weather is gloomy. Anytime is the right time to work on your dog’s training basics. Take advantage of the rain, and go over sit, stay, down, and “place”. You’ll be glad you took the time to go back over foundation work, and your dog will enjoy the mental workout. 

dog indoor obedience trainingg on rainy day in Seattle

Real Life Training with Your Dog

Rainy days are a great time for working on a little Real Life Training. 

  • How wound up is your dog? If they’re bouncing all over the place, use this rainy day to practice leaving the house. Work on getting your dog to settle, of course. Once they’re settled, you may just need to go for a ride somewhere as a reward. 


  • Practice loose leash walking in Home Depot or Lowes. These stores are filled with distractions: strange new smells, people, and noises. This will be great practice for your dog in learning to pay attention and sticking close to you. 


  • Keep things simple, and just work on getting in and out of the car. You can find one spot to park and work on it, or make a fun drive out of it too, and work on getting in and out in a few different locations. If one of those locations happens to be their favorite pet supply store, remember to work on staying calm before approaching.

dog real life training in car in Seattle with Cosmic Home & Pet

Did you know that Real Life Training is a new service offering at Cosmic Home & Pet? You can learn all about it here.


Other Dog Friendly Activities on Rainy Days in Seattle

Head to the Pet Supply Store

Even if you don’t need anything, it’s a great opportunity for your dog to stretch their legs. While you’re there, you can work on some Real Life Training, practicing skills like sit and down. If the rain seems like it’s coming down even harder, might as well pick up some rain gear for your dog. 


Find a Dog Friendly Patio

Seattle is filled with dog friendly eateries, bars, and cafes. Find your favorite covered patio, and enjoy watching the rain fall while you sip a coffee or a local beer, and your dog enjoys a drink of water. Portage Bay Cafe and Fremont Brewing Co are two places known for being extremely dog friendly, but there really are hundreds of options! 


Take A Walk In the Rain

Sure, it’s a little cliche, but why not live a little? Throw on your dog’s rain gear, grab your puffy jacket, and enjoy the Seattle rain. There are routes that were just meant for walking in the rain, and since you’ll have your best friend with you, what could be better? Walk downtown, or enjoy walking through one of the parks near you. Eventually you’ll find the rainy day walk that speaks to you. 

dog rainy walk in seattle

If you’re feeling more adventurous, grab some snacks, and take a hike! Make sure you’re dressed properly, and have the right footwear. Make sure your dog is properly outfitted too, and always pack water, even if the temperature is cool. There are plenty of gorgeous hikes around Seattle, so be sure to pick the trail that’s suited for the weather and your skill level. Even if you’re a beginner, there’s a trail for everyone!


What do you think? Inspired to do something fun with your dog on our next rainy day in Seattle? Save this list for some quick inspiration. And don’t forget to comment with your own suggestions for a rainy day activity in Seattle!



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