The Importance of ‘Real Life Training’ with Your Dog

You’ve spent the time, and the money, to get your dog trained. They’re great at home and really know their stuff. But when you take them out and about, it’s like they’ve forgotten everything they’ve learned. Why does training seem to go out the window when we go to certain places with our dogs?  Seattle is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the US. As dog parents, we want to take advantage of everything the city and surrounding area has to offer. If you’ve been hesitant to take your dog on adventures because your pup can be unpredictable, even though they’re well trained, there is a solution.  Making their training stick takes more than just practicing commands in your house or yard. To make training really successful, you need to take it out into the real world. Let’s talk about Real Life Training and why Cosmic Home & Pet is adding it to the Walk and Train service

What Is Real Life Training?

Even the most mellow dog can end up in situations where they become over-stimulated and just kind of… freak out. That’s why it’s important to get your dog acclimated to a variety of environments. It’s hard for a dog to focus on commands when there are new smells and sounds. If they’re only used to following commands at home, or while out on a quiet walk, then it’s hard for them to turn their focus to you when they’re in a new place surrounded by new distractions. Real Life Dog Training with Cosmic Home & Pet To really prepare your dog for going out in public, it’s best to train in a variety of places. Putting what your dog has learned at home or in a training class to work in public teaches you the practical applications of “sit” and “stay” outside of the home. It will make you more confident about taking your dog into new situations, knowing that you will be able to stay in control and keep your dog safe.    Training in the real world allows you to work with your dog to teach them to pay attention to you and ignore distractions. It gets your dog used to the noises and smells of Seattle. It prepares your dog for any number of situations so they can adapt, without suffering from sensory overload and forgetting their training. Dogs also don’t generalize well. This is why we often see that they do great with commands in one place… but completely forget their commands in another. So this is another reason why training in a variety of locations and situations is highly beneficial.

Do you like to get out and about with your dog? With some retailers becoming dog-friendly and all of the dog-friendly restaurants in Seattle, getting your dog used to new places will open up a whole new world. That’s why, at Cosmic Home & Pet, you will now find the Real Life Training as an add-on to the Walk and Train service.

How Does It Work?

First up, consider: Where do you want to take your dog? Do you like to go to places like Barking Dog Ale House? Do you see other people with their dogs out and about in University Village and wish your dog could behave well enough to come with you? Then these are the types of environments you need to take your dog to to practice what they’ve learned.    Getting used to new places takes time, so you need to be prepared to take it slowly. You may need to start just by hanging out in the parking lot (away from cars, of course) and working your way inside over a period of time.   Find that some places really rile your dog up more than others? Choose the places that they’re calmer in first. Hardware stores, like Home Depot, for example are often dog friendly and a great place to practice skills. In other words, don’t just throw your dog into the deep end. Start with small, achievable goals. Then work your way up to the more difficult places that cause your dog to go bonkers.   Dog daycare and dog bars are examples of places that dogs can really struggle in. It’s not surprising; these environments can be incredibly over-stimulating for dogs. If you utilize these kinds of places, but you’re struggling with how amped up your dog gets, Real Life Training is your answer. dog excited in care Seattle Real Life Dog Training with Cosmic Home & Pet Does your dog lose their mind when your car approaches daycare? Or when you get out of the car? If a dog is overstimulated or excited before you arrive somewhere, that excitement can continue to escalate and escalate. For example, when you take your dog for a walk, if they’re bouncing off the walls, jumping up on you… unfortunately, they’re going to continue that level of excitement and energy out on the walk. The walk begins before you leave the house. A calm environment before a walk helps set your dog up for a calm walk overall.

It’s time to practice! Your dog’s Real Life Training sessions may look like: One session you just drive up to the parking lot, and another session you just get out of the car and then back in. Maybe the next session, you’re just sniffing calmly around the parking lot. These Real Life Training Sessions are meant to be baby steps. So your dog may not even step foot into daycare or a dog bar for quite some time.   Real Life Training isn’t just about training your dog. It’s about training yourself to read your dog’s cues. You will learn to tell when your dog is getting overwhelmed, the triggers that make them go wild, and how to keep yourself calm so you aren’t contributing to your dog’s nervousness.    You won’t be jumping into Real Life Training on your own with no tools to work with. To get your dog ready for the real world, I will take your dog out and about to practice their skills in a variety of places. I’ll work with your dog one on one as well as work with you and your dog together. I will guide you through the process, helping you understand why your dog responds the way they do and the methods your dog responds to the best.    Real Life Training is three sessions a week. I will work with your dog alone twice a week. And then you will join in the fun during one session a week. Dog at Seattle Restaurant Real Life Training with Cosmic Home & Pet I will work with your dog at the park, at Home Depot, anywhere you might go with your dog. In fact, every trip outside the house with your dog is an opportunity for a Real Life Training session!

About Real Life Training

You and your dog will be in great hands! My goal is to promote a bond between you and your dog through training. I hold a Certificate of Canine Studies and have over 18 years of volunteer and professional experience working with animals. For a more in depth look at my experience and what I can offer you and your dog, take a look at this helpful page here.   Interested in Real Life Training? Send me an email right now to join the waitlist when the service officially opens up.



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