Dog Friendly Bars & Restaurants in Seattle

Going for a night out with friends is always something to look forward to. What could make a night out much better? Bringing your dog, of course! Before we head into the cold of winter, have a fun night out with your pup at one of these dog-friendly restaurants or bars. 

Here are some dog-friendly bars and restaurants worth checking out in Seattle. 


Portage Bay Cafe

Portage Bay Cafe has fantastic reviews and is definitely worth checking out! This dog-friendly restaurant in Seattle focuses on contributing to a better environment. They have been a leader in serving local, organic, and sustainable meals.  

As for your pup, all leashed dogs are welcome on the outdoor patios. Check the weather before heading over as we are entering the cooler months. 


Fremont Brewing Company

The Fremont Brewing Urban Beer Garden is a family-owned brewery founded in 2009. Their beer is made with the finest local ingredients. There is a dog-friendly taproom/garage attached to the brewery! They also offer free pretzels and dog treats! You can enjoy the finest beer in Seattle along with your furry friends. 


The Duchess Tavern

The Duchess Tavern is a dog-friendly local Dive Bar in Seattle, WA. Your friendly dogs are welcome to hang out with you for outdoor dining. The only times dogs are not allowed are during peak busy hours and game days. 

The menu features traditional pub fare and a variety of draft and bottled beer.

_friendly bars & restaurants in Seattle


The Seattle Barkery

While this is not a traditional restaurant or bar, The Seattle Barkery food truck has a menu that caters to both dogs and their humans! They have amazing treats such as mini cheezy donuts, bacon pupcakes, and doggie ice cream sundaes! 

If you can’t get to the food truck, visit their first-ever brick-and-mortar shop in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood. The Seattle Barkey is there for you and your pup throughout any occasion. Celebrating your pup’s first birthday? Get a cake to make the occasion! Looking for something pumpkin spiced during this fall season that your dog can enjoy? The Seattle Barkery has plenty of variety to keep you and your pup happy!


Norms Eatery & Ale House 

Norm’s Eatery & Ale House welcomes all guests with two and four legs inside AND outside the restaurant. Dining with your dog inside a restaurant makes the experience much more enjoyable! This restaurant was named after a dog, which is very obvious upon entry. 

This restaurant has a fun dog menu featuring beef or chicken Bow Wow bowls for your pups, and yummy treats like bacon pupcakes. 

You and your dog must follow rules, such as not barking if you want to bring your dog to the restaurant. Check out their website to ensure you and your dog can follow the rules while dining at Norm’s Eatery!


Bad Jimmy’s Brewery Co

Bad Jimmy’s is another local Seattle gem that allows you to bring your dog with you to the brewery. Your dog can keep you company while you enjoy various craft beers. As long as your dog is leashed, they are welcome to come inside.

Living in a city with many restaurants ready to welcome your four-legged friends is absolutely wonderful. This fall, bring your dog to one of these local restaurants around the Seattle area! Don’t forget to brush up on your dog’s basic training skills if you plan to bring them out with you. Your dog should be a well behave canine citizen and be able to keep the peace in a public place.

If you need help with tuning up your dogs’ basic skills. Contact us here, and we can help! 



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