Fun Fall Activities to do With Your Dog in Seattle

With fall right around the corner, you might wonder what to do with your pup as the leaves change and the colder weather makes its way to Seattle. We have put some fun fall activities together to help you kick off the season!  


Bake Fall-Themed Dog Treats

The best thing about fall is all the pumpkin-spiced treats! These are more suited to humans, but we will give you some dog-friendly treats you can bake for your fur baby this fall. Pumpkin is a great fruit to feed your pet. It is full of fiber which is excellent for your dog’s digestive system. 

You can whip up pumpkin and peanut butter dog treats this fall. Here is a fantastic recipe you can try. 

Another great option to give your dog some variety is to bake yummy apple cheddar dog biscuits. Apples are a staple fruit during the fall season; with these treats, your pup won’t miss out!

Please remember that you must buy pure canned pumpkins, not pumpkin pie filling. That is highly toxic to dogs. You can even use real pumpkins if heading out to the pumpkin patch this fall! 


Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches are lovely places to bring your pup in the fall. Let them sniff out their own pumpkin to take home, and don’t forget to take plenty of photos! 

Check out Mosby Farms or Kelsey Creek Family Farm. These two are dog-friendly pumpkin patches and will allow you to bring your dog as long as they are friendly and leashed the entire time. Don’t forget your poop bags to pick up after your pet. 


Frolic in a Pile of Leaves

Raking up the leaves and creating a massive pile on your front lawn is a fun activity to do with your dog. You can throw your pup’s favorite toy in the leaves and encourage them to run in and sniff around for their toy.  

For extra adventure, take your dog to a local park like Seward Park, Lincoln Park or Volunteer Park to view the beautiful fall leaves changing color. 

Don’t be afraid to get into a pile of leaves yourself. It’s a great way to stimulate your pup mentally. 

Fall Activities to do With Your Dog in Seattle


Plan a Fall Photoshoot

The fall colors make a fantastic backdrop for photos for yourself and your pup! The beautiful leaves and sunsets are just right in the morning or evening. Professional photographers refer to the time just before sunset or after sunrise as the “golden hour.” It’s the time of day when the sun casts a beautiful light that gives everything a golden glow.

You can book a session with a pet photographer like  Dirtie Dog Pet Photography or use your cellphone and post your cute pictures on social media! 

For the best angles, get down on your dogs’ level. You can always lie down on a yoga mat if the ground is wet. This is also a perfect opportunity to test your dogs’ “stay” command. If it needs reinforcing, use this as a mini-training session. Don’t forget that Cosmic Home & Pet is always here to help you with your dog training needs! 


Take a Hike 

With cooler temperatures on the way, it is the perfect opportunity to take that hike with your dog. Check out Discovery Park Loop Trail for a scenic afternoon hike and enjoy the fall colors that come with the changing season. 

Walking through the Washington Park Arboretum would be a fun fall activity for your family! This park features a diverse range of plants – the most diverse in the country! You will undoubtedly be getting a nice treat spending the day at this park. 


Plan a Doggy Play Date

Grab your neighborhood friends and their four-legged pals to take a nice walk around the neighborhood or if you have a fenced backyard, allow them to romp and play there!

We also offer structured group walks where your dog can get in some playtime and exercise with the same group of fur friends each week! 

Dogs love being social and like to hang out and play. Puppies need to socialize and learn how to play with other dogs properly. Make sure you do this with other dogs you trust and know are friendly. 


Make this fall season better than the last by trying some of these fun fall activities that you can do right here in Seattle! Spend as much time outdoors as possible before the weather gets too cold and rainy.

Enjoy a relaxing night in with your pup! On days you feel like staying in, cuddle up, and watch some movies. Don’t forget the popcorn. When all else fails, you can always have a snuggle fest with your pup right at home on the comfort of your couch. 

Which fall activity is your favorite? Is there anything else you like doing during the fall season? Let us know in the comment section!



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