How to Find a Pet Sitter for the Holidays

With the holidays coming up, people are going to be looking to board their pets. For pets that prefer to be cared for at home, pet sitters will be in demand. Finding a suitable boarding facility may be easier than finding a pet sitter, so we thought we’d come up with a guide on finding a pet sitter for the holidays. There are some key things to consider when choosing a pet sitter, and You’ll want to do your research to find the right pet sitter to care for your pet. While you enjoy the holidays, it’s essential to ensure your pet is happy and secure with a caring and qualified pet care professional by their side. 


Start the Search Early

Remember the holidays are a busy time, and people book dates well in advance for sitters. Of course, cancellations may occur, but it’s best not to gamble with uncertainty. If you know you are going away for the holidays, start your search and research for the right pet sitter today. It’s never too early to start, and it allows you to make a solid decision without the rush or panic of last-minute searches. Be prepared for some sitters to be booked up, so be sure you have other pet sitters to contact as an alternative plan. In addition to competitive scheduling, be aware of competitive pricing. With the holidays come holiday surcharges for pet sitters. Be considerate of their pricing as these are busy times, but be sure to find something within your budget. 


Location and Proximity

Your pet sitter’s location is vital in determining who you should hire, especially if you hire a pet sitter for frequent visits and not overnight stays. A sitter closer to home can be more reliable to come over at shorter notice and be around when your pet needs one most. Your pet sitter’s stay can be more extended and productive at closer proximity since less time is spent traveling. The frequency of their visits can also increase being so close to home. Having pet sitters further away from home will have your pets waiting longer for their sitter to come. 


Leave Detailed Instructions

While you search for the right pet sitter, start thinking about the things your pet will need from a professional pet sitter and the questions you’ll want to ask. Don’t be afraid to share any detail you feel is essential. The more detailed the instructions are, the better it will be for the pet sitter and your pet. Pet sitters need to recreate the same feeling at home as though you were there. Be sure to inform them of necessary details to ensure your sitter can perform services that your pet needs, such as giving certain medications. Being upfront with your future pet sitter will be better in the long run. 

How to Find a Pet Sitter for the Holidays

Emergency Plans and Insurance

Being prepared for emergencies is always a necessity. Help your pet sitter be ready for any emergency that arises with a clear, thought-out plan written down. Be sure to include any emergency plans, contacts as well as veterinary information for emergency care. Pet sitters are professionals trained to deal with any situation that arises, but giving them the necessary resources and contacts can be life-saving to your pet. In addition to safety, be sure to know if your pet sitter is insured. Insurance can help protect your home and your pet against any accidental damages that may occur.


Open Communication 

When looking for a pet sitter, be sure they are open to communication. Although pet sitters try not to call you when you are on vacation, they do like to keep you updated on your pet. Receiving updates with pictures or videos can make you feel like your pet is not that far from you. Contact with the pet sitter can also be helpful in case your plans change, and you can plan to make the appropriate arrangements. 


How to find a pet sitter for the holidays can be challenging if you wait too long. Your best chance at reserving a professional sitter for the holidays is to start your search early. Once you have found your sitter, you can focus on preparing yourself for your holiday vacation and have one less thing to worry about! Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding our pet sitting services and how Cosmic Home & Pet can help you!




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