Five Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Seattle Dog

October is Adopt a dog month! So many of us have acquired pets over the last little while, emptying shelters and giving dogs and cats new homes. There are still animals in local shelters around Seattle every day, causing pet homelessness numbers to rise. 

Adopting a dog is a huge decision that you need to make informatively. If you are thinking about adopting a loveable Seattle pet to add to your family, we are going to highlight five reasons why you should adopt a Seattle dog and bring some added fun and joy to your life! When thinking about adding a pet into your life, you should adopt, don’t shop. 


Adopt a Seattle Dog To Empty Shelters

The sad reality is that dogs end up in shelters every day. Their previous owners may give them up, or they may be abandoned or lost. Whatever the case may be, the best place for them to go is an animal shelter. Ideally, animal shelter numbers should stay low. Adopting a pet can make room for more animals in need. At times, overcrowded shelters can get overwhelmed by the number of dogs that need care. When you adopt a Seattle dog, you will make room for more pets in need. 

Adopting a Seattle dog will not only help to empty animal shelters, but you can potentially save a life. Every dog has their background and story, and providing them with a warm, loving home can make all the difference in their innocent lives. 


Having A Pet Can Help With Your Mental Health

Dogs bring unconditional love to any household. When you get home from work, there is nothing like having your dog at the door waiting to greet you with a big smile and a wagging tail! Bonding with your dog can increase dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin levels in your brain! All those chemicals are responsible for making you feel good. Dogs can also give you a great reason to get outside every day and take daily walks. Exercise is terrific for your mental health as well. 


Some Adoptable Seattle Dogs May Have Some Training

One of the first things to consider when adding a dog to your family is training. If you adopt an older dog, they may have already had some prior training. If your adoptable dog has some basic manners, then that is a fantastic start! If you want to sharpen the obedience skills of your new family member, then don’t hesitate to contact us here at Cosmic Home And Pet. We are committed to helping your new dog be the best doggo it can be. 

Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Seattle Dog

When You Adopt A Dog, You Help The Fight Against Puppy Mills

The main concern of a puppy mill is to make profits by selling pups to pet stores, online sellers, and even flea markets. A puppy mill is a breeding facility that operates under very inhumane conditions. The moms of these puppies live in cages and are bred over and over for years. These dogs do not have good loving homes, and they are discarded when they are no longer profitable. 

By adopting from a local animal shelter, you are not supporting puppy mills. Unsuspecting customers don’t realize that they are supporting puppy mills by obtaining dogs from pet stores. 

When you bring a dog home from your Seattle animal shelter, you will help a pet in need and not give a dime to these treacherous puppy mills. 


Adoption Is Cheaper Than Buying From A Breeder Or Pet Store

When you are looking to adopt of dog, the cost is a huge deciding factor. The cost of obtaining a pet from a pet store versus an animal shelter is quite different. Depending on which pet store you visit and what type of dog you want to obtain, costs can be between $700 and $1000. This cost does not include vaccinations, spaying or neutering, food, toys, the list goes on! When you adopt a shelter dog, you will have to pay an adoption fee. The adoption fee is usually significantly less than buying a dog from a pet store outright. Sometimes, the dogs might already be spayed or neutered from their previous owners or even vaccinated! At times, shelters may provide this service for you as it may be included in the adoption fee.

There are so many amazing adoptable dogs waiting to become a member of your family. When you are in the process of selecting the right breed for you, be sure to consider your lifestyle and which breed would suit that best. Please do your research before obtaining a dog. When you adopt a dog from the humane society or dog rescue center, the staff want to be sure that they will go to their forever homes and not end up back at the shelter.

Adopting a dog will be a massive bonus to your life. Check out our blog with tips on how to make dog training successful so you and your new pup can get started on the right paw!



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