Celebrate National Dog Month With Your Seattle Pup!

August is National Dog Month! There is no doubt that our dogs deserve to be celebrated and nurtured every day. August focuses on taking a deeper dive into what you can do to care for your pet even more. 

If you’re curious about what you can do to observe National Dog Month, read on for some fantastic ideas that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your dog’s face. 

Celebrate National Dog Month With Plenty Of Walks!

We all know our dogs need daily exercise and stimulation. Without it, your pup can become frustrated and will have too much pent-up energy. Taking walks every day, at the same time, gives your dog structure and predictability. Dogs love to be on a schedule. When they know they can expect some outdoor fun, they will undoubtedly be happier. Who doesn’t love a good walk? It is also a great way to reinforce training skills and help you and your pup continue to grow your bond.


Take A Trip To Your Local Pet Supply Store

Do you need to stock up on some dog treats or replace some toys? Bring your dog with you to your local pet supply store and have them sniff out some new treats and toys! It’s nice to have your dog try different things and explore different flavors to see what they like the most. Some pet shops also allow you to bathe your dog in the store. So set up a grooming appointment for a nice bath and nail trim so your dog can go home smelling fresh and clean after a day of shopping. 

National Dog Month With Your Seattle Pup!

Play Some Brain Games

Prevent boredom by giving your dog something exciting to do while at home. Sprinkle some high-value treats into a snuffle mat so they can use their instincts to search and sniff. You can create your own brain games by folding up some treats in a towel or an old t-shirt. This will also give your dog a chance to sniff around and retrieve their treats. Another popular brain game involves putting treats in a muffin tin and setting a tennis ball on top of the cavities. This will force your dog to sniff out the treats, move the tennis balls around, and ultimately problem solve! Repeat this a couple of times a week, and this will surely be a memorable national dog month for your pup.


Bake Some Dog-Friendly Treats 

Baking up dog-friendly treats for national dog month is a great way to celebrate your pup if you are a whiz in the kitchen. It’s important to know what ingredients are in their food and treats to keep our pups healthy. If you read labels correctly and have researched, you can find natural dog treats at the store that your pup will love. Homemade treats are always so great because most of the time, they require few ingredients, and they include stuff you already have in your home. As a pet owner, you have to prioritize your dogs’ health. You should know what is going into their bodies. 


Hire A Pet Sitter To Hang With Your Dog While You’re Out!

If you haven’t thought about hiring a professional pet sitter for your fur baby, this might be an excellent time to give it some thought. When you’re back at work, you will have peace of mind knowing that someone can check up on your pet to ensure they get what they need. You will come home to a happy dog who has had lots of playtime, food, treats, and great company. 

National Dog Month is the best time to celebrate your fantastic furry companion. Dogs provide so much love and joy in our lives; it’s no wonder they have a whole month dedicated to shining light on how amazing they are. We hope you enjoy the rest of National Dog Month during the final dog days of summer!



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