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Seniors Need Love and Care too!


Senior Pups need love tooWatching someone we love getting older is never easy, whether it’s our family, friends or our beloved pets. But the aging process does not have to mean a less-than-ideal quality of life riddled with declining health issues. By maintaining healthy habits (including a high-quality diet (offering more protein), appropriate exercise and plenty of love and attention) along with regular medical attention, you and your senior dog can fully enjoy their “golden years” together.




Is your K9 companion considered a “senior?” Click here to find out.

(Hint: the old adage that one dog year is equal to 7 human years is not really true

since all breeds do not age in the same way.)



Helping Your Senior K9 Live Better


  1. Avoid letting your dog become obese. Not only will obesity shorten your dog’s lifespan, but it can alsoExercise is criticalcreate other serious, even life-threatening, health issues like diabetes, heart and joint issues and even cancers. Speak to your vet about the best-balanced diet for your dog taking into consideration his age, breed and health history.
  2. Adjust but don’t ignore exercise. As our K9s age, exercise often becomes more difficult. But the answer does not lie in drastically reducing or eliminating exercise. Our pets still need regular, age-appropriate exercise, play and social stimulation to maintain a healthy physical and mental/emotional state. Your vet and other dog experts (like your dog walker) can help address any limitations and create an effective exercise plan. Hydrotherapy, swimming, chiropractic and acupuncture can also help keep Fido active and comfortable.
  3. Explore natural options when addressing issues related to age. Pet healthcare has never been better and helps them enjoy longer lives. But don’t discount the benefits of integrative wellness including:
    • Natural supplements
    • Super-green foods
    • Natural herbs, enzymes and nutraceuticals that address inflammation
    • Alternative treatments like acupuncture, chiropractic, massage and gentle stretching.

(Always work with your veterinarian to find the best plan of action based on your pet’s age, breed and health history.)


  1. Don’t forget dental care. Just like with humans, a dog’s overall dental health (including both teeth and Dental health is importantgums) affects their overall physical health. Tartar buildup leads to gingivitis which can cause bacteria to leak into the bloodstream causing greater and riskier health challenges.
  2. Learn about the common issues and/or predispositions for your dog’s breed so you can be on the outlook for early warning signs. Many health issues can be effectively addressed with early intervention.
  3. Simple changes can make your dog more comfortable. 
    • Look into orthopedic bedding for your senior pup to help alleviate stiff, arthritic joints.
    • Ramps can help make navigating both stairs and getting in and out the car much easier.
    • Is your aging dog slipping and sliding on hard surfaces? Rugs and carpeting can help them maintain their footing. Non-slip, slip-on ToeGrips can also help aging dogs (as well as canines with special needs) from slipping and falling with better traction on floors and stairs.
    • Consider using a harness to help your aging dog get up and move.


aging great dane

Caring for an aging (and slower) canine can be challenging

with busy, hectic schedules.

We understand and want to help! Reach out to Cosmic Home & Pet,

your Seattle Pet Sitting expert!


Cosmic Home & Pet has been providing Seattle dog walking, cat sitting, senior pet care and overnight in-home pet sitters since 1998. We also love and care for other critters (young and old) including rabbits, ferrets, fish, birds, chickens and more.

When you can’t be there, we promise to treat your pet

as we would our very own!


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